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Published 350 days ago
Upon arrival at the dock, there will be a small counter next to the building with a parasol, where you will line up and board the boat and show the bar code directly! Very convenient! It is recommended to arrive at the queue at least 30 minutes before the boat, you can choose the place you want to stand. The shipping company also has a pick-up group. The flight I take is full. If you don't have time to go to the Freedom Island, you can choose this cruise to see New York City. The major attractions, you can also see the Statue of Liberty, but Klook purchase page said that there will be a guide, and can take away to commemorate, I asked the on-site staff, and did not have this service? ! Only a guided tour of the ship.
Published 350 days ago
At 7 o'clock in the evening of November, the departure day was completely black, so I didn't see the sunset. The night view of New York Harbor is very beautiful. If it is convenient to take pictures on the second floor, the first floor area can be sheltered from the wind. The two-hour tour has an introduction to English almost all the time, very hard. Food and beverages are available for an additional fee.
Published 298 days ago
The interweaving of Ground Zero and the New World Trade Center is a brave and strong look into the future with a sad memory. The tour guide Danial shared what he saw and heard in New York that day and witnessed the shock and Fear, also introduced many details and stories behind the memory design, watching the white roses dedicated to the deceased on the birthday, oculus staring at the sky like an eye, and the tree and spherical sculpture surviving in the ruins ... … Very touched… The World Trade Center No. 1 observation deck is very worthwhile to go up when the weather is good. The lap of the day view even feels more praiseful than the night view of Rockefeller the other day.
Published 281 days ago
One day traveled through four of the five major areas of New York City, passing by major classic attractions. The guide commentary was very funny, with a lot of smiles. The group of more than 50 people from all over the world were punctual, and the day was smooth and the schedule Very relaxing, suitable for all ages, highly recommended!
Published 264 days ago
The tour will return to the hotel from 4:00 am to 7:00 pm. There will be a shuttle bus to and from JFK Airport to take a flight to Buffalo and then be led by a local guide to Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is between the US and Canada borders Entering Canada so that you can watch the Niagara Falls 360 degrees at noon, you can also relax at the Sheraton Hotel next to the waterfall and enjoy lunch while watching the waterfall! This is really a great trip
Published 246 days ago
The statue of liberty was waiting in line and you can show your voucher. The Empire State Building is like a 63 building in Korea. If you want to go to Sunset Time, I recommend you to go the previous day and make a reservation. You can go to Top of the Rock the day before. The blue bottle below is a Korean castle and you can buy goods there. There is also a free badge. **** Statue of Liberty Alice Island Ferry **** You have to wait in line, and when you come back upstairs, come sit downstairs. Available / Arrival Bar Take a picture from the Statue of Liberty, go to the memorial hall, etc., you will see the Statue of Liberty. Well, I got off because it was a waste of money, but more time! **** Empire State Building **** Even if you go there in the morning People aren't in the mood to take photos Everybody's just taking pictures The day was all over New York * Top of the Rock **** Sunset time is the best and empa visible window spaces should be lined up. Many Koreans can ask Koreans to go alone, ask them to take pictures with a speaker. Take a shot because it is said to take a lot of poses! The museum is too much to see the Metropolitan and it's good to take pictures. Moma is not like that, but there are a lot of people who go early.

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