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Published 338 days ago
It’s really pretty, the stage is very luxurious. In fact, I think the seat where I sit should be very good. After all, it’s a 360-degree stage and the picture is beautiful. I’ve wanted to see O’s show or this show before. It’s O’s show that one of the productions is still left. In order to create a stage that fits in my dreams, I’m here, I’d like to say that I’m better off, because I’ve seen a lot of shows, I’m already a little numb, and the story is a bit old, but this one. Show luxury is still worthy of the value of the fare, the stage on the stage for ten years is very gorgeous
Published 323 days ago
Booking on klook is very convenient. You can enter it after checking the vouchers on the spot. The price is cheaper than buying tickets on the spot. The most distinctive feature of many stars is the character and scene of the husband after drunk. Marvel 4D videos are also very interesting. Children love them, but they are shorter and generally recommended.
Cheng Wai
Published 320 days ago
The sightseeing tower is located in the Stratosphere near the strip. After klook purchases, you can go to the counter to exchange tickets. Tickets can go to the observation platform an unlimited number of times on the day, so it is very suitable to go once during the day and again in the evening. Stratosphere is quite far from Strip's main casino attractions. It takes about 30 minutes to walk, so time and traffic must be calculated. Take the monorail to the terminal Sahara and walk closer. The observation deck is very nice and comfortable. Many sofas can be dull. Looking at the desert scenery from a distance is really not what the observation deck in the ordinary city can see.
Hsuan Ying
Published 112 days ago
Performance shows are more like talk shows and magic. Although English seems to be incomprehensible, it can still be guessed from body language and pictures. Sitting in the first row this time, watching David's performance up close, and finally having a high-five with David, a very interesting experience!
Published 110 days ago
ticket was easy to redeem. honestly going to vegas during a pandemic was FABULOUS and highly recommend. no crowds. no lines. we had our own pod on the high roller, whereas years past we've been crammed with 20 others fighting for window space to see the view. go to vegas now! once in a lifetime experience. seriously!

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