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Published 375 days ago
The performance of Crocodile Island is very interesting. The host is very funny. The crocodile is also very fun to see at a close distance. It is worthy of the park. There is also a wetland channel. The map attached to the park is not painted. There are many plants and small animals just like the wild. Buying tickets on the spot is more expensive than the European proposal. Other activities outside the show on the Internet include buying a crocodile train and a crocodile python.
Published 324 days ago
It is very convenient to enter the park by swiping barcode. It is recommended to arrive 40-60 minutes before the park opens. It takes time to queue up to enter the security check. The free locker is the height of the shoe box * two depths. Therefore, it is not recommended to bring a backpack. It is best to use a well-packed bag. The closed garden water dance show is very good to watch the direction to see the projection.
Published 279 days ago
There is a parking fee of $ 10 when driving by car! And I personally recommend taking a bus tour as soon as you enter, tour the Apollo / Setton V Center and then come back to KSC to enjoy the rest of the attractions! There are many things to see, such as the actual retirement rocket, space shuttle, Apollo 11, and Mars exploration ship. It's really fun with technology. Personally, it was fun than Universal! In particular, the Atlantis Space Shuttle Simulator was so good that it implemented vibration + pressure as if we were actually riding a rocket! Glimpse!
Published 254 days ago
I chose it as a terris A. I had a good seat and it was much cheaper than other ticketing sites. If you watch NBA game on the first floor like Terrace A, this is your best choice! Orlando Magic has so many playable players that it's fun to see! If you match the schedule of the other team well, I think it will be possible to watch the game.
Hsin Yun
Published 249 days ago
I am very happy to get discounted tickets at klook. Upside down houses are great value. I can play a lot of great equipment. Combining science and art, kids can have fun, big friends also have exciting equipment to experience, a group of friends come to play Will be more fun and well worth it, can play all afternoon !!
Published 216 days ago
I went to Orlando Universal Studios. (Currently closed the park because of the corona) Klook said it was cheaper than the public home, so I bought an admission ticket here. Some hulks and other roller coasters (such as riding with red music) need to board everything with a locker (with a metal detector and no cell phone). I bought 2 parks per day and I almost fainted waiting in line for 4 days, so I wanted to take a look around it all day, so I also bought an express pass at the public home. I looked around all day and rode over 5 times as popular as Harry Potter. America is like the end of capitalism. Feeling like buying time with a little money? Express expensive but recommended. Thanks to Klook, I went well and cheaply!

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